I do many things like managing teams, programs but at heart I am a software engineer who always aspired to be a Kernel Developer.

Am I a Kernel Developer now? No, not at all, not even close! The day I become a Kernel Developer is when I will reveal my true identity until such a point I would like to operate under this pseudo-name imkernel. This site is a reflection of what I want to be eventually as a programmer.

Whenever I lauch this website I want to remind myself that I am a Kernel Developer and I truly believe that when I do that I will focus my attention on what I want to be and will be that one day.

I have chosen FreeBSD as the OS of choice to learn Operating Systems or to even contribute to. Currently I am learning about the Operating Systems by reading this book Operating Systems: Design and Implementation by Andrew S. Tanenbaum

If you have any suggestions or comments do reach out to me on all the social media platforms. You can find the link to them in the footer if I am not wrong